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Hi! I'm Fio. (they/he).

Frontend Developer and

artist 🎹🎸🎨

star wars fan 🚀

LEGO architect 👷

bookworm 📚

underground poet 📜

astronomy nerd 🛰️

artist 🎹🎸🎨


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Tech Stack

  • Next.js

  • React.js

  • Typescript

  • CSS

  • GraphQL


  • Node.js

  • Python

  • Vue.js

  • Nuxt.js


  • MaterialUI

  • Radix UI

  • Tailwind

  • styled-components

  • Framer Motion

  • GSAP

  • SWR

  • zustand


  • Git/Github

  • Figma

  • Prisma

  • Contentful

  • Storybook

  • Cypress

  • Vercel

  • Netlify

  • Webflow

  • Prismic


I'm passionate about building accessible, creative and inclusive products that have a positive impact on society and our environment. User experience and writing clean accessible code matter to me. I sweat the details while keeping in mind the holistic product experience.

I have 5+ years of experience in the Tech industry, first as Product Manager and then as Frontend Developer. I'm happiest when I'm creating, exploring, and learning how to make things better.

Curiosity is the main driver in both my career and personal life. My motto is to always follow whatever sparks that awe in you, then try it, break it and try again.

Passionate about...

  • mindfulness
  • playing music
  • drawing & painting
  • astrophysics
  • tinkering
  • DEI in Tech


  • good live music
  • space for play
  • inclusive design
  • honesty
  • transparency
  • creativity

Thinking about...

  • which LEGO set to build
  • next tinkering project
  • living on another planet
  • education improvements
  • what instrument to learn
  • life and the universe

Let's Chat ✌️

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Shoot me an email, let's meet and discuss it in more detail. Alternatively connect with me elsewhere on the web: